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   By community correspondent Helena Kim.


Hair style and how we dress can make you older or younger.

My mother’s generation, even at 50 , would not have dreamed of wearing a pair of jeans or a hem line above the knee. They would shop only at particular shops for mature women.

But now 60 year olds shop at Topshop, Oasis and wear skinny jeans, leggings and hemlines above the knee and yet don’t look like mutton dressed up as lamb.

Of course you have to know how to do it . If you team your leggings with a revealing top, you certainly would look like mutton.

But when you next shop, don’t shy away from buying leggings and team them with a long jumper or a tunic.

Wearing colour makes you younger too. As we age our complexion gets paler because our hair and skin fade and lose their natural colour.

So stay away from black or beige or cream. These make you paler and older than you are. These colours can only be pulled off by wearing lots of make-up.

We are in a New Decade, why not try a new look?

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