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November 2008 Newsletter

Christmas Personal Shopper London Edition

Transformation Time

The Festive Season is here. There’s been snow and the street decorations are up. A month to go.

Even in a credit crunch people want to enjoy themselves and look and feel good.

Especially for Christmas and the New Year.

So, to get the best value for money and the best advice, use a Personal Shopper.

I know you may be used to going with your mother, daughter or best friend.

But for this special time of the year treat yourself.

See what a difference the really skilled looker can make to your look.

Personal shopping is the shortcut to a new you.

You draw on the expertise of the consultant who assesses what’s best for you, and where’s best and cheapest to look.

In a short period of time you will transform yourself.

It’ll lead you to a Festive Season you’ll never forget.

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