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October 2008 Newsletter

Launch of firstlook Image Personal Shopping Club

Who is well dressed?

The majority of my customers say they have lots of clothes in their wardrobe but nothing to wear!

They are under pressure in the morning when they to go to work but can’t think what to put on!

And they only use 20% of the clothes they have, leaving 80% untouched in the closet.

How can you avoid all this?

If you understand your Colour, Style, Personality and Lifestyle then you would buy the right things so that you would not have these problems.

A qualified firstlook Image Consultant can help you handle all these questions harmoniously and dialogue with you so as to resolve things in the best way for you.

That’s why firstlook Image Consultancy is launching a new firstlook Image Personal Shopping Club which you can join for £400 a year.

This will entitle you to 8 hours of Personal Shopping trips a year so that you can make sure that your wardrobe keeps up with the latest fashions and you get to know the latest hot shopping locations for you.

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