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July 2008 Newsletter

Many of us feel better and happier in the summer.
We are tempted to buy new clothes to show ourselves off to advantage, whether we’re going on holiday or staying at home.
The media want to garland us with beach and summer fashions.

But as well as dressing up, we’d better think about the skin we’re showing off. That is unless we want to risk skin cancer or the cosmetic surgeon’s knife.

There are many causes of skin damage: smoking, unhealthy diet, no regular skincare routine. But the sun is the most powerful cause and can lead to premature aging as well.
Ultraviolet rays from the sun are the skin’s worst enemy.

You should use a protective facial cream with SPF all the year round.
But you really must cream up as well as dress up in the summer. Exposure coarsens and thickens the skin. You lose elasticity. This results in sagging and wrinkles. Once damaged there is no way back, apart from surgery.

You should apply sun protection cream 30 minutes before exposure, and regularly thereafter. Remember, don’t just dress up. Cream up!

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