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May 2008 Newsletter

In April I did my first public makeover performance.

I went to Alfriston, which is a local day centre for senior citizens, and showed them that – although they may be seniors – there’s no reason not to look after their image.

Out of the 40 men and women there, I chose Catherine, who – at 96 years of age – was the oldest.

She was a great sport. I used her as my model for a mini-colour analysis, make-up and hair and fashion styling.

I gave the audience tips on styling: what flatters them and what doesn’t. They responded and joined in.

A great time was had by all.

You can see the effect of the makeover on Catherine by visiting my Makeover Gallery page.

You can see the local interest my event generated by looking at my Press page, where there is an article in the local paper.

I felt a great sense of achievement. Giving something back to my community. Fulfilling my belief that image consultancy can liberate and lift you, no matter how young or old!

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