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April 2008 Newsletter

The other Saturday I made an early morning start, fortunately before the snow arrived, to go to Birmingham’s Sunday Times Style in the City.

There were many shops to see but I focussed on 3 professional events.

John Scott – an ITV fashion presenter who has styled the costumes for James Bond films– hosted an intimate show with one male and two female models. His enthusiasm and knowledge was infectious and what was refreshing was that his female models were not just coathangers but shapely and healthy women who wore clothes accessible to a wide range. His insights were sharp.

Kelly Osbourne’s Catwalk Show had parading male and female models who were young and slim. They could have worn most things and looked good just because their body shapes were perfect and they knew how to show themselves to advantage. It swept you along and Kelly herself was charming but did the show really touch the regular shopper? I doubt it.

Trinny and Susannah – TV celebrity stylists - held a Style Academy where they selected models from the audience and did mini-makeovers on them. One of Kelly Osbourne’s aunties was brave enough to go up on stage too. It was more audacious to do this than just having professional models. They had to work fast and directly and keep up pace and attention. It was fascinating to see them at work in the flesh and not on the screen. May be I was being a little unfair to think that they were a bit repetitive and that they lacked a touch of variety.

I learnt a lot from my day out. What I learnt particularly was that there is a lot of expertise out there. And a wide appeal to people who want to use this expertise to learn how to look their very best.

firstlook image is open to learn from the industry’s leaders and to go to find out how to serve its clients better and better.

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