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What suits you?

We all talk about different body shapes. It is almost a synonym of women’s body shapes – apple, pear boyish etc.
Even though men often need to wear a suit everyday, we never talk about which cut suits which body shape. Getting to know your body shape is very important to find the right cut.

Men’s body shapes fall into three types:

  • rectangle
  • inverted triangle
  • rounded

There are three different cuts for men’s suits.

  • american
  • continental
  • british

American cut we call sack suit. Classic sack suits are three-button suits and are made to fit everyone, especially if you have a rounded body shape. They are shapeless and the jackets flow straight down from the shoulders in a shapeless sack like shape. The body of the suit is roomy and typically has a single central vent.

Continental cut it is known as Italian cut. The suit has a solid and structured look and in a classic model is ventless. It has very clean lines in the chest and back. Continental suits have structured and defined shoulders, typically high and more squared shoulders. The skirt of the jacket can either hang straight or flare out. A true Continental cut will be close-fitting with a defined waist line. This is best if your body shape is inverted triangle or rectangle.

British cut has soft, light or unpadded natural shoulders with a tapered waistline. And it has side vents and a high waist on the jacket. It can be single breasted with two buttons, double breasted versions are available too. For a rectangular body shape or inverted triangle.






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