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December 2009 NEWSLETTER

December is a blessed month. We all are thrilled by the prospect of dressing up for Xmas. Why not even on Boxing Day?

And most shops hit the Sales on Boxing Day!!
We can get things at a half price or even less. It’s fantastic if we can get what we want. But sometimes we buy because it’s a great price, or even just a good price, which is a great mistake. We should never buy anything which is not in our colour palette or our style.

Yes, you can wear any colour or any style. But just any old thing doesn’t suit you and flatter and enhance you! There are basic guiding principles which you have to know to get the right things.

And you know this even though you persuade yourself or let yourself be persuaded by a good price.

How many items have you got in your wardrobe that you’ve never worn? That’s you telling yourself that they don’t suit you.

A trained Image Consultant knows the guiding principles of colour and style. And also the rules for shopping too, so we can help you at Sale time too.

Before the Sale we do PRE-RESEARCH for what you want, to make sure that’s what you need and that you get the right item for your colouring and style. Then we go back to the shop on the very first day of the Sale itself so as to buy the item you are looking for.

That’s the way we don’t make costly mistakes. And so get good deals for you!

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