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March 2008 Newsletter

I saw Alfredo Nocera's Instant Fashion Show with his beautiful model Lisa.

They are celebrities in Italy where he has a TV show. He is so gifted in making beguiling instant fashion dressing Lisa in a wide range of styles in front of a live audience too. He is a master of making us understand that clothes are dreams. And he uses a panoply of fabrics and accessories to enhance his collaborator.

The dynamic of Alfredo's performance is infectious and he amazed and astounded the audience with his dexterity and vision.

I wish I could revisit his show every night for the boundless energy it gave and the profound creative insights it portrayed.

Another European world master I was able to sit at the feet of recently was Manolo Blahnik - the shoe designing genius. He gave a Q & A and threw off as many sparks as a spinning Catherine Wheel.

Blahnik sees fashion as the way people like to project themselves. It's nature he says is to change.

He creates his designs with brush and ink and says you mustn't think while designing, you just have to let it happen. You have to be possessed by fashion.

His shoes are a mix of wearability, balance, design and quality. He likes textiles, silks and linens but finds people prefer leather.

Beauty is elusive and you have to be spontaneous, not perfect but beautiful.

Heels are theatrical, and flat shoes require grace.

Both Blahnik and Nocera fired me to keep doing what I'm doing at firstlook Image. Thanks to them both.

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