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February 2009 Newsletter

It's been a very long cold winter. The worst snows for almost 20 years. How we would've liked to hibernate!

Suddenly we see light green and yellow as the daffodils are blooming and there are buds on the trees. They make us smile and cheerful and gives us hope. In spite of the credit crunch as well, we have to keep strong, positive and very hopeful.

A good way to do this is to dress in more bright colours to cheer ourselves up. It's time to revamp ourselves for this Spring. It's so easy to be dull in difficult depressed times. People are afraid of colours and of changing the styles they've had for years.

Pictured below is one of my customers before and after.

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She thought she was well dressed for her age and wore neutral colours. But after an image consultation and personal shopping she revamped her wardrobe and herself. She looked radiant, stylish and knocked 20 years off and we can see her happiness and confidence.

She learned the art of styling and the art of intelligent shopping for things which are versatile and can be worn time and again in different combinations so as to suit her life style.

When I picked the clothes for her she was quite shocked. And when I suggested that she try them on she couldn't believe she could wear such clothes.


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