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January 2009 Newsletter

After Festive Season Newsletter – January 2009

During the Festive Season people put on weight and then get depressed about what to do to get it off again and get back to normal.

Exercise alone is NOT enough. From personal experience, and from people I’ve advised, I know you need exercise AND a good healthy diet.

To lose quickly avoid carbohydrates: rice, pasta, bread, potatoes.
Eat plenty of fruit and veg and fish.

In a week you will lose approximately 2 lbs.

Then you have to be strong and keep it up.

But that’s not too difficult, because the Festive Season is over for another year.

Once you feel good about yourself again, then it’s time to treat yourself to a little fashion styling or personal styling with firstlook Image so you look good too.

Happy New Year to all my readers and clients!

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