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Three is quite a potent number. For example, the English say ‘Third time lucky’.

So I suppose that it was natural that it would take three mega-events coming together to make me go active and launch my own business fulltime.

Something I’d been dreaming of and preparing for for quite a while.

The first and most important event was attending a Q and A by Donnatella Versace at the London College of Fashion.
Everybody chuckled when, in my public question to her, I said I’d dressed more colourfully than usual because I was coming to see her.
After her extraordinarily reflective, focussed and thoughtful session, I had the good luck to talk to her.
I felt we bonded.
She was totally different from the image I’d got from the media.
She was the kind of person it was a pleasure to chat to.
She was cultured, strong, determined.
Her passion for fashion was truly contagious.
Meeting her took my fear away.

Second, another stroke of good luck.
I went to Edward Sexton’s in Beauchamp Place near Harrods, introduced by a friend.
Stella McCartney trained with him and he dressed Linda and Paul McCartney and David Bailey’s ex-wife Marie Helvin.
Edward is charismatic too.
He dresses well.
His studio is an Aladdin’s Cave of clothes.
There is a notice board with all the media coverage he has received.
He left school early. Became an apprentice and has worked his way up.
No wonder GQ magazine wrote about him recently.
His kindness and encouragement made me want to dare too.

The third and last piece in the jigsaw was viewing the film ‘Karl Lagerfeld Confidential’.
Although now in his 70’s he is still dynamic.
He has risen meteorically to the top of his profession in a foreign country after apprenticeship at Balmain.
His eagerness for fashion and his energy made me ashamed at not having the courage to follow my dream.

So here I am.

Welcome to Look Image Consultancy.

I hope I can give you the look, the enjoyment, and the image you want for yourself.

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